Generating Client Reports

After you have created and analyzed multiple income plans for your client, you can generate a report in PDF format to share with the client using the Reports tab.                                     

Creating a Report

Click the  icon to begin creating a report that can be shared with a client.  Before generating the PDF, the tool will allow you to choose which income plans to include in the report and the recommended plan for the client.  Clicking the ‘Generate’ button will add a customized client report to the reports panel.


These are notes for you to associate with the report. They can convey different types of analysis such as planning horizon, use of annuities, etc. These comments are private and are not shared with the client.

Number of Reports

The tool allows you to create an unlimited number of reports and you can include an unlimited number of income plans in each client-ready report. However, only a maximum of three of the plans will be featured in the main body of the report.


When created, every report will be given a status of ‘Active’ that will display in the Reports panel.  The status of an article can be set to ‘Inactive’ by double-clicking in-line on a report.  The list of reports can be filtered for active reports, inactive reports, or both from the dropdown on the panel.


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