Generating Client Reports

Last update on September 25, 2013

After you have created and analyzed multiple income plans for your client, you can generate a report in PDF format to share with the client using Reports tab, located in the lower right section of the tool.

Plan Selection and Ordering

As in every other panel, a client report is created by pressing the add.png icon. The tool will generate a client report using all the plans that exist in the Income Plans panel. The first step is to reduce the list of plans to those that you want to share with the client. Next, reorder the plans to your desired order, with the primary plan above the others. This can be done by dragging-and-dropping a plan row to the preferred location. The plan at the top is shown as the recommended or proposed plan in the report. It has more details like cash flow chart than other plans.

Number of Reports

The tool allows you to create an unlimited number of reports and you can include an unlimited number of income plans in each client-ready report. 

Please visit our homepage to see sample client reports.


These are notes for you to associate with the report. They can convey different types of analysis such as planning horizon, use of annuities, etc. These comments are private and are not shared with the client.

Report Settings

There are two major aspects of each report that you can modify using the report settings button ReportSettings.png. The first is whether the cash flow data tables are shown in the report. You may choose to remove these tables from the report if you feel it will complicate explaining the income plans to your client. The other modifiable aspect of the report is choosing which type of chart is used to illustrate the multiple cash flow sources. The chronological cash flow chart can be either stacked bars or an area chart, as shown in the examples below:


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