Sharing client income plans among user employees

When it comes to user accounts, Income Discovery appears to take a stovepipe approach to developing income plans.  This is becoming somewhat problematic for us.  Let me explain:

I am a user of Income Discovery.  I have my own account.  I am training a colleague to use Income Discovery.  He has his own account.  This colleague is a junior advisor supporting me in analysis I need to do for some of my assigned clients.  I would like the ability to see client income plans he is working on, for those clients for whom I am assigned as their primary advisor.  Also, if he is not in the office or no longer working with Income Discovery (e.g., on vacation, moved to another department, leaves the company, etc), I need access to these client income plans, including possibly moving them out of his account into mine if need be.  Even in the case where he is in the office, I want the ability to log into my own account and see the income plans he has been working on, to review his work, or to modify his work.  Rather than having him come over to my office and log into his account on my computer.  That's clunky.

Perhaps a way to do this is to allow each user to "share" certain income plans with certain users in the company.  My junior advisor might, for example, be supporting another senior advisor besides me.  Some plans he is working on pertain to my senior colleague, and some pertain to me.  That other senior advisor should be able to see and modify the income plans the junior advisor is working on for clients assigned to him, and I (as another senior advisor) should be able to see and modify those income plans for clients who are assigned to me.  In fact, it would be nice to have view-only and  view-and-modify privileges as two distinct privileges that can be assigned by an "administrator" (i.e., a user with adminstrator privileges).

Rick Fine

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    Manish Malhotra

    We appreciate your suggestion. Below, we offer a solution for you to work with temporarily while we build formal support for the requested solution.

    Upcoming release of the product (Sept 2013) allows explicit sign out of Income Discovery application that is distinct from the session maintained by Google Authentication servers. Also, Google now supports multiple authenticated accounts. All that makes it possible for you and the junior advisor to be signed into Google Accounts on the same computer in the same browser. And when you want to switch from one to another, you will click on the sign-out button in Income Discovery and the try to get back in and select a different Google Account while signing-in. 

    Even today, when the sign-out of Income Discovery is not available, you can use two different browsers (any one of IE, Chrome, Safari or Firefox) and use your Google account in one and your junior analyst's Google account in another browser. 

    When we start building the requested solution, we will be in touch with you privately for clarification . 


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