Minor Upgrade - VA Benefit at different percentile

A  minor upgrade was made to Income Discovery on 30 January 2013. The main features of the upgrade are:

Variable Annuity Guaranteed Benefit Variation Presentation

The client report shows 25th, 50th and 75th percentile of the variable annuity (VA) guaranteed benefit. You can explain to the client how the benefit, represented in today's dollars, will be at the end of the planning horizon on realizing below average, average and above average portfolio returns. Since the cash flow chart demonstrates only one possible future direction where a hypothetical retiree barely succeeded in generating the income, it doesn't give a complete picture of the life-long benefit under better market conditions. The new table gives the client better understanding of the variability of the guaranteed benefit. 

Even though the client will likely be plush with money during better market conditions, a higher guaranteed benefit from the VA gives the client option of structuring his estate for charity or inheritance. 

Income Generated for Unfortunate Retiree

The presentation of one Unfortunate Retiree case chart in Executive Summary has been changed to present the percentage of income generated in shortfall years. 

TIPS Inventory Usage 

Now, each new plan run, whether custom or optimization, will use the latest available inventory of TIPS. Earlier version of the application led to selection of the inventory at the time of optimization and reuse of the same inventory for each new plan run. 

Other Updates

Additional updates have been made, such as, better app usage guidance messages for free trial users, selection of adjacent row in a panel after delete and wider layout for add/edit pop-up windows. 


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